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The authorHenrylito D. Tacio is a journalist who writes mostly science features (technology, agriculture, environment, and medicine). He also write travel features and inspirational articles occasionally.  He also works for a non-governmental organization.

He is a recipient of Hall of Fame in science reporting from the Philippine Press Institute for winning five times the Science and Technology Journalism Award.  He was named Journalist of the Year in 1999 by the Rotary Club of Manila.  Previous to that, he won two Binhi Awards from the Philippine Agricultural Journalists, Inc.  He also received an award from the UN Environment Program for writing an in-depth report on water problems.

Currently, he writes for various local, national and international publications.  He is an Asian correspondent of the online version of People and Planet.  He also serves a correspondent of the Reader’s Digest (Asia edition).  He loves to travel and has attended several international conferences in Africa, Australia, Canada, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the United States.  He is one of the editors of the widely-read In Search of Excellence: Exemplary Forest Management in Asia and the Pacific Region published by the regional office of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization.


22 responses to “The Author

  1. Hello Henry

    Congrats on your new blog! I have always thought that blogging would be the perfect outlet for your prolific writings! I look forward to being a regular reader. Don’t forget to also check out my blog (

    Mimik (and Jel)

  2. Dear Mimik,

    Thanks for your comment. Hope you are doing fine.

  3. Dear Henry, Thanks for allowing me to go “inside” your blog. I don’t know how to have my own blog. i guess I have to request some people who are in the know. My congratulations and gratitude for your gift on mind. Keep writing and bless people. It is God’s gift to you….

  4. Kuya Henry!
    Thank you for sharing your brilliant mind here.
    We still have more articles to work on… hehehe.
    God bless.

  5. Hi Henry,
    Your article was of big help for my research about anorexia nervosa. I am a first year student from UP-Manila. I am hoping that I could have an interview with you either in person or in mail. I hope that you can find the time.

  6. salamat po sa sinulat nyong<

  7. Hey Henry! Dami comments my friend. Sikat ka na nga haha… ^_^

  8. To those who made some comments here, I really appreciate it. Just keep reading the articles I will be posting. Sorry if I cannot post all the writings I have since I am also very busy writing other stuff.

  9. Thank you for letting me post your article, So you’re Filipino!

    daghang salamat and welcome to the blogging world!

  10. Keep a good work! I like ur written pages =)


  11. abot dubai ang kasikatan ng taong ito. sayang! tinago ko sana ang bullcap na nakikita ninyo sa picture na ibinigay nya sa akin…

    dubai, uae

  12. Hi! I hope you still remember me. I work with Sec. Heherson Alvarez since the Asia Pacific Leaders Conference on Climate Change in 1995. Just want you to know that we are again organizing a Carbon Cutting Congress vs. Climate Change this November 20 in Malacanang. I hope you can join us. Pls email me through my email address so I can send you the details. Thanks! and CONGRATULATIONS for all that you have done and achieved.

  13. Rev Dr Bill Burton

    Hi Henry, Long time no communicate! I’m now 71 and still live in Pampanga but your government have granted me the courtesy of permanent residence much to the delight of my family. Still keeping 20+ Filipino folks in education and several have now graduated. The next step try and get them into some form of work! As they say over here, motr power to your elbow and have a happy Christmas.

    Rev Doctor Bill

  14. Hello webmaster
    I would like to share with you a link to your site
    write me here

  15. gud pm po.. we wuld like to ask permission to copy your article “Mango: The fruit that heals” as our reference bec we were going to include it to our research. in this regard, may we ask for the bibliography of this article. wat buk it is written and wen it is published. thank you po.

  16. Hi Henry,
    Thanks for all your email.
    I’m inspired with your writings.
    I even quote and included your article
    in this blog:

    How happy am I to know you via internet!
    Thanks to this we met…:)

    Cheers for new friendship!
    Juliet Z. Cruz

  17. Your writings are for safekeep. I made effort to print it and have a personal copy. For me, it was words of wisdom, a gift from the Holy One! God Bless and looking forward to more sharing!

  18. jeng martinez

    Mr. Tacio,
    I have a son who I suspect suffers from dyslexia and found your blog about your son quite helpful. I’m hoping you can help me as where we could go for a comprehensive diagnosis for my son who’s turning 11 and displays more than half of the smptoms of dyslexia. Thank you very much.

  19. Dear Sir Henry,

    A particular article of yours had given me the strength to face the Bar exam results. Like a blessing from the Almighty, it served as a sort of prelude to the wonderful news that I’ve passed the Bar. Now i am a full fledged lawyer. The journey was less daunting because of very rare people like you…Thank you for being a blessing in my life and in many others. Wish you more success and many more fans!

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